Sadly, 2.7 million animals relinquished to animal shelters are euthanized each year.  High-kill shelters and animal control simply do not have the necessary resources and tools to efficiently market and find placement in breed specific rescue organizations, and with new animals surrendered each day, they are forced to make difficult decisions in order to make room at the shelter.

As an experienced volunteer myself, I know that animal rescue volunteers work tirelessly to pull animals from high kill shelters and find placement in rescue.  These volunteers can work up to 40 hours per week on their rescue efforts, in addition to their full time jobs, for a cause that they are so passionate about, saving the lives of adoptable pets.  The work that they do is integral in saving tens of thousands of lives each year, but this work is very time consuming and requires an intricate network comprised of foster homes, rescue contacts, transport coordinators, and volunteer drivers. will provide a collaborative networking platform to bring together high-kill shelters with animal rescue groups to facilitate the placement of at-risk animals.  It will serve to reduce the billion dollars spent by taxpayers in euthanasia and stray management, by providing networking capabilities to high-kill, state run shelters, so that they can connect with rescue groups and provide automated tools to volunteers to ensure that they are operating efficiently in order to save as many lives as possible. will work to facilitate the transition of these highly adoptable pets from lost to found, from unwanted to loved, and from homeless to home.